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It couldn’t be simpler to get the unique care you deserve than with our trained experts. Our medical specialists are based in London, EC2, and are committed to providing a prompt, confidential service.



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Site Specialists

Rest assured you are in safe hands with our practitioners. When you show signs of a problem requiring further attention, our specialists are on hand. Seeing a medical expert trained in your condition is incredibly reassuring and gives you the best possible care. Specialist doctors in our practice include:

• Physiotherapists
• Psychiatrists
• Neurological spinal surgeons

• Rheumatologists
• Chiropractors
• Acupuncture specialists
• Osteopaths

Authority Tests

We offer Mantoux tests, as well as PPD skin test for silent tuberculosis. Anyone working in health care needs this test and subsequent vaccination. People from all over are welcome to come and receive this treatment here.

We also offer sports diving, HSE (health and safety executive) diving medicals and UK Oil & Gas Offshore medicals. We are fully registered for this, and many companies send their staff to use our service.

Contact Broadgate General Practice for reliable medical specialists who are
committed to providing excellent health care and peace of mind for all our clients.