Convenient Same-Day Doctor Appointments

Put your faith in our medical experts for a first-class service. Our doctors are based in London, EC2, and provide convenient same-day doctor appointments to keep you in perfect health.

Private Clinic

It’s never been easier to slot a doctor’s appointment into your busy working day. We offer you a prompt service from friendly, discreet staff. Clients do not have to be part of a catchment area nor do they have to be an existing patient to receive our services. We carry out an initial medical evaluation for each client and if necessary onsite tests.

Sexual Health

There’s no need to worry, with our medical experts on hand. For sexual health checks, we offer a fast turnaround on the results, and all tests are completely confidential. We take samples from the clinic and send them away for analysis immediately. We guarantee the tests come back quickly, allowing us to then offer any necessary treatment and further advice.

Doctor and Nurse - Same-Day Doctor Appointments

Travel Consultations

Don’t forget to get your jabs before embarking abroad. Our doctors supply specific vaccinations for the travel area you are aiming for. Often this means several injections, in which case we work out a schedule over several days to minimise pain and stress. Vaccinations we provide include:

• Yellow fever
• Hepatitis B

• Chickenpox

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appointments that will give you instant peace of mind and let you get on with your day.